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Published April 19, 2020

To product and brand consumers

We all spend our day using various products. From the time we are woken up by an alarm set on our mobiles or alarm clocks right until late in the night when we clean our teeth with a brush and toothpaste, we use various products. There are those of us who are brand loyal and there are those who like to try new brands from time to time. We gain awareness of new products from the advertisements we consume, either in print, on TV, on a radio jingle, in a digital outlet or from an outdoor hoarding. We also hear about new products from people we interact with. We come across new products by chance during a trip to the online or offline grocer. Most supermarkets create ways for new products to be displayed and sampled. However, there are few new product placements in some print and online media outlets. We wanted to solve the problem for both brand managers and consumers by creating a straightforward news portal that only focuses on showcasing new products in five main categories: Food, Beverages, Personal Care, Home care and Durables. This is a free service. So, when a communications manager sends us a product image and information in a prescribed format and if it meets the criteria, we ensure to upload the same on Thursdays.

What’s in it for us, you may ask? Nothing! Other than solving a problem of creating a one stop product discovery platform. How will we monetise if the service is free? The base service is free. However, we will have value additions on offer to the companies who want to do more than just display their product and we will earn basic costs to run the website and pay a two-member staff, their monthly salaries.

Whether or not you are brand conscious, we believe visiting this website once a week will help you learn more about new products that are launched by FMCG companies. We will ask for five questions when you sign up for this free service. Your name, email, current city, age bracket & gender. We will send a minimum of one and a maximum of four newsletters to you, in a month with all the products listed between the previous newsletter and the new one. We will invite you to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you enjoy the online window-shopping experience let others know as well. That is all we ask. If you want to share any feedback, please write to us at news@thenewproducts.in



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