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Published April 21, 2020

Value additions and monetising this service

Any new product needs the support of brands to survive. We are born with a simple philosophy that a basic service should be free and add-ons should command a small price that helps us run this. As we have mentioned, the basic service for any brand is free of cost for upto six placements in a year.

These are five ways you can support us and also benefit in the process-0

a) Founding partners – We are open to 10 brands who will join us as founding partners by paying an annual fee with a commitment for at least three years

b) Supporting partners – We are open to 10 brands who will support us annually without a commitment to renew.

In the above options, we will have a fixed annual fee that the brand contributes in order to get the following-

  1. Brand logo displayed at the bottom of the portal under the heading Founding Partner or Supporting Partner, which is hyperlinked to the brand website
  2. Three insertions during the year for a premium display for one week each, which is in the top row whereby the product image and info can be enlarged
  3. Product sampling opportunities at our sister events
  4. Collaboration ideas with other non-competing Founding and Supporting partners that our team will send you and make the right connections
  5. Unlimited product displays beyond the annual six per year per brand even if they are for another brand from your company
  6. Complimentary hyperlinks each time your new product is launched


c) Premium display – this is the top row whereby the product image and info can be enlarged (Rs 5000/- per week; maximum for two weeks, subject to availability)

d) Hyperlinks – to product website and to an online e-commerce portal (each link will be added at a cost of Rs 5000/- per          link and a maximum of two links will be offered)

Both the above services maybe combined. These are offered at no cost to Founding and Supporting Partners

e)  Additional social media push – this may include multiple Facebook posts over and above the first one, pinned tweet for two days, Instagram stories, links on social media to e-commerce site or your brand website, which are not offered in the free service.

f)  Ad in the newsletter – We will send the newsletter to our database with all products listed. There will be no newsletter if there are less than five brands on display in a particular week. If there are more than ten products in a week, then the eleventh product will be held on for the following week’s newsletter.

We will not accept more than 500 products over 52 weeks in the first phase.



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